25 / 01 / 2024
UNAIDS launches new approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of the HIV response

This month, UNAIDS has released the “HIV Response Sustainability Primer” which proposes a new approach to ensure the sustainability of the HIV response. This holistic approach includes programmatic, political, policy-related and financial aspects of the HIV response. 

The new Primer provides the rationale, the definitions, and an in-depth explanation of this new sustainability approach.

The goal of sustainability is not to perpetuate the HIV response in its current form. Rather, it is to ensure the durability of the impact of the HIV response. This will require a shift in focus to long-term sustainability. Transformative action, starting now, will be needed to make this a reality by and beyond 2030.

The Sustainability Roadmap will be distinct from, yet complimentary to, National Strategic Planning exercises (NSPs). As a key transformation required for long term sustainability, countries are advised to prioritize the careful and effective integration of the HIV response in national systems, with appropriate attention to reforms or modifications required for key and vulnerable populations.

To support such actions, sustainability will be at the top of UNAIDS priority agenda in 2024. Together with its co-sponsors, partners such as PEPFAR and the Global Fund, and other stakeholders of the Global HIV community, UNAIDS is resolute in its commitment to supporting countries leverage the tools and analytics, the lessons learned, the science of what works where, to foster open and honest dialogue on the future of the HIV response.

HIV Response Sustainability Primer. UNAIDS, 2024 (EN)