02 / 11 / 2022
We continue collecting funds to help medical institutions of Ukraine

Dear friends and colleagues! We apologize for being silent about how we used your donations - that was a long and complicated story.

In brief, we have paid for a C-Arc X-ray machine (allows to search and remove shrapnel during surgery) for the Truskavets military hospital, then it got broken, we were looking how it can be repaired, then for replacement, then the key physician who was to use this equipment got relocated to Kyiv, and then finally the supplier found a suitable replacement and delivered it to the Kyiv hospital.

However, the new piece is somewhat more expensive, and even with the full refund for the previous one we currently do not have enough to cover our obligations. So if you have an opportunity to contribute to this important equipment which is already helping our people, please do so! We have already committed 350,000 UAH from your previous donations, and are now looking for 185,000 more (~$4,500).

We will post a full report with invoices, receipts, and photos once we fulfil our financial obligations (hopefully soon).

Here is our account info for USD transfers:

Intermediary bank: BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON, New York , USA


Beneficiary’s bank: JSC KREDOBANK Lviv, Ukraine


Beneficiary Name: UIPHP

IBAN: UA473253650000002600601852381

Payment purpose: Charitable donation